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sickville and vela.

I've been home all day today, as I woke up this morning feeling like I could pass out any minute. Made a call to lab telling sensei I can't show up today, crawled into the blanket again and slept till noon.

This sounds so cliche but I seriously, seriously despise PMS. It's a miracle how it turns your bright, sunny day into a not-so-joyful one.

Today is the first time I realize holidays just don't cut it for me anymore. I know, I couldn't wait for the plant design to be over and all; but now having too much time freaks me out. I always run around thinking; have I done this and that, whether I have any paper I haven't turn in yet or something..and it's not a nice feeling, I tell you, worrying all the time.. *workaholic alert*

So anyway, I was browsing the net when I stumbled upon this.
Vela consisted of Marwa Atik and Nora Diab, young designers who personally handmade and design hijab/scarves with American style. It's hard to find designers creating fashionable scarves for Muslim women, so I find them very inspiring. AND they are only 19. I was busy hanging out at the stores of Mid Valley when I was 19..pffft.

These are some of the Vela designs that I LOVE :

All pictures from their official fan page on Facebook. They do sell their designs, you can drop them an email there, though I'd hate it if you get the ones I want first. Pfft hehe.

I really really love every piece not just because the fact that they use chiffon which is the best material; but also, the front designs are so girly, American and feminine. I love how they make every piece very personal and even though they're trendy they still keep modesty in tact. I can imagine myself going to the fabric stores, pick up tons of chiffon, go home and start sewing ribbons and flowers to them hehehe. If only it was that easy.

I find this duo very inspiring, I've always wanted to make scarves of my own since I came to Japan. Being here makes me realize that we Malaysian always wear the same design. Yes, we have varieties of designs (Syria, Siti, Ikin..I've lost track already) but don't you think that they all just look the same? I mean, in Hiroshima, you can say almost all the girls here wear the same scarves. The popular one, tudung bawal. I'm not saying we're lack of creativity, but wouldn't it be nice if we take this hijab as one of our outfit for the day?

I hate that everyone always focus on what blouse you wear, or what jeans, or what shoes; and totally abandon the hijab part. As if it's not included in the whole outfit. To me, if you're proud of your hijab, you're proud of being a Muslim. And when someone else (non-Muslim, especially) compliment your hijab, it'd make you realize how hijab completes you and your whole personality.

Japanese really pay attention to everything; people say. I agree. When they see something different they'd notice and even point it out - everywhere I go, I'd get approached by Japanese people complimenting or commenting about the hijab because it's not in their culture. And so far, nothing negative were said, Alhamdulillah.

And it makes me want to wear hijab even more.

I'm thinking of getting one of each design they have, but it would seem ridiculous to my boyfriend ("why do you need 50 pieces of tudung?? When are you going to wear them all??") so I'm shortlisting them to a few pieces.

My so-called 'designs' would have to wait.


  1. what an insightful post..lovin' this!

  2. ok,design2 hijab tuh mmg cantik tp...mashaAllah lg cam terpukau ngan kecantikan model2 tuh zatil.
    payah jugak kalo gune model cantik2 nih...dah xtgk dah design2 tuh,'ter'tgk muke model2 jek

    plg ske hijab dlm pic 1st,2nd,3rd n last skali

  3. cantik sgt kan?! mmg org timur tengah ni sume exotic gile muke diorg. esp bile american-mix kot. pastu hijab diorg sume lawa2 grrr.

    yg 1st tu sweet kan design die. sukaa.


    okay you must get me one, its a promise .

  5. I KNOWWWW! showed it to my friend die kate tak lawa :( i love it sbb its unique design and the color goes with the bow. so glad someone thinks so hehehe..will get one too if i jadi order, insyaAllah :D

  6. you nak order ? OMG OMG NAK NAK !
    sila buzz saya jika mahu order, ha ha gediks .

  7. will do will do :D where la to buzz you bkn ada ur ym/skype pun, i buzz kat blog la hahaa.


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