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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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more than cut and paste :)

My friend has a cool site!

Get gorgeous, beauuuutiful cards for your loved ones without having to trouble yourself going through all the hassle of making one.

She didn't say if she made them herself (or her boyfriend..ehem), but I'm going to force it out of her. Syen come clean now! (She knows if she told me I'd make her make more cards for me HAHAHA)

I like how the cards seem large in the picture, and super neat. I get pissed off sometimes when making one because the glue always messes up the card and makes it look unpolished..pfft. So guys, appreciate it when your gf makes one for you because it takes serious effort and time to complete even one card.

But my favorite :

Even Superman has a Sorry card. Hehehe.

Price ranging from RM4 - RM6. What a bargain! Check them out at MoreThanCutAndPaste :)


  1. lawanya kad!! nak beli~

  2. first commenter!! hehe drop them an email, theyll get back to you :)

  3. syesli...hahahaha~ i'll make thousands for like u said laa...
    kalo ak yg u!!!


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