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Shahrul has been bugging me to update this blog. (Yeah, like he reads my blog everyday pfft)

So I'm putting up this video here, I know he wouldn't dare to complain anymore HAHA.

He cracked me up once when he did the dance (to mock it) during the chorus, and the "down, down, down" part. I swear, I was rolling on the floor laughing. (I showed him the video since he was wondering what's the fuss is about, then he did the dance, I think he just had to get it out of his system) 

The song is catchy, but I love the rap part by Ludacris!! So cute :)

This is for you baby. HAHAHA.

P/s : Why do I find the acoustic covers of this song so much better than the original?? Might do it soon. Hmm.


  1. i'm sure he reads this blog evryday..hehe

  2. .....................*shocked*
    sungguh terkejut ade name justin beaver terkuar kat blog zatil nih....xsangke zatil minat lagu die
    haha xbley blah tgk rambut die yg cam penyapu jerami tuh *bab kutuk org mmg terer aku*

  3. HAHAHA tak minat die pun but since the song is everywhere it stuck in my head..-_-

    yeah, rmbt die mmg takley blah. taktaulaaa klu teenagers nak ikut trend die pulak..


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