shopping for him.

I am the busiest girl today.

I had an X-Ray talk today, hours of lectures of how to handle X-Ray facilities and machines whatsoever and how badly X-Rays can affect us directly if not used properly and so on..I was snoozing off the first hour of the lecture.

As soon as the lecture ended, which was 5 p.m, I quickly took a cab to this one shop to buy my boyfriend these.

He asked me to buy these two pairs of Adidas shoes (or sneakers? what's the difference?) that we've seen before but he was sure they're sold in Fukuoka too, but apparently only this one store in Hiroshima sells these old school Adidas Originals shoes.

I think he wants to beat me in 'who owns more shoes' contest we secretly have.

So I went to the shop by cab, found the shoes, took pictures of them both and another pair in brown, him taking his sweet time whether or not to buy all three or just the two of them, whether brown is his color or not, whether size 26.5 suits his feet more or 27..I swear, I'm seeing a whole different side of my boyfriend today. I always knew he's fussy when it comes to shopping, but I didn't know it's critical. I felt like yelling "just make up your mind already!!!" hehehe.

So I went home today with two boxes of male's shoes and nothing. I can't believe I bought nothing for myself.

But deep down, I feel proud of myself today. Hearing his excited voice on the phone when I said I've purchased the shoes and on the way home makes me smile. I can feel his gratitude as if I was the one who paid for the shoes (he gave me the money) when I was just the person getting the shoes for feels good to be the one who's doing the work in a relationship. Being a guy, usually he's the one who'd be the thinker, the decision-maker and everything.

I'm such an awesome girlfriend!!! Hehehe.

Next time I should get him to pay me for doing his shopping.

So girls, it doesn't hurt to sometimes be the one who wears the pants. Can do a lot of good, especially when we can use it for "you owe me" moments.


  1. this is ur "u owe me" moments =P
    tq syg,cant wait 2 see u(and those shoes) already hehehehe

  2. sorry, pick or the shoes.HAHA.youre welcome,love you :)

  3. okay, firstly you guys are so schweet !

    second, okay now you made me jealous, i want a boyfie now ! but oren, super worth it lah the shoes, i want the blue one ! cantiknya ! he got very nice taste ! approved :P

  4. haha thanks uted! :D

    i know,i secretly like the blue one too,adidas originals are the best!

    he must be very happy to read your comment,uted.haha ;) tq :))

  5. tq miss sarah, i do tend 2 have good taste in shoes & women hence miss oren there hehehe

  6. aww so sweet la korang hehee



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