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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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10th year anniversary

 So it’s been a long are you? 

Well as for me, for the last few weeks I was done with my first performance review at the new company, and right after that I took a two-week break to..go back to Malaysia (!!) like finally, and right after that I took the plane to Jakarta for a business trip.

Yes, life is quite hectic. But it’s fine, because right before ALL of that, we actually celebrated our 10th year anniversary.

I didn’t really expect anything (ok that’s a lie, of course I expect him to line rows of roses from the door to our bed and a 2-tier cake) but I did drop a few hints here and there, cause if there’s one thing I learned from the past 10 years it’s you will not get anything if you don’t ask. Ask, and you shall receive, girls. 

So yes, I dressed up in a flowery skirt with matching top and him in suits and leather shoes. And off we went to this romantic restaurant overlooking Tokyo Tower. He did all the research and bookings, and I’ve got to tell you, I was impressed.

Spent the night having courses of dinner with anniversary cake courtesy of the restaurant. Also props to the waitress for entertaining our request to help take pictures with Tokyo Tower in the background - the only consolation I had from the embarrasment was that she must’ve taken thousands of similar pictures and requests, lol.

Husband also arranged for our usual babysitter to come sit the kids. Quite impressed (and felt cheated..) that he’s capable of these things. 

Oh, but don’t expect the same gesture next year. Maybe in another 10 years we can repeat this ok?


But anyhow, went home to the happiest kids (cause they loved the babysitter) and felt so contented. If we were to repeat it again in 10 years, I would stay with him just for the happiness I felt that night❤ 


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