Sakura 2024

 For the past 24 hours, I’ve 

- entertained a guest with her 5-year old at home

- entertained a guest with her kid at Yoyogi Park

- cooked 4 different types of dishes to freeze them for next week, because we have a birthday cake in the freezer and I’m worried that the chicken will go bad unfrozen

- enjoyed a day out with sakura

And to be honest, the last one is actually my proudest achievement haha. We missed sakura season last year because we took it for granted - I told myself there’s always next day to go see sakura and before I knew it the season was gone. 

So decided that this time, we’d just go and see it.

And I know that if I don’t update now, the draft will go down the drain and never the sunlight, ever. So here I am, at 1 am midnight after slaving away in the kitchen cooking, updating this blog with these pretty pretty pictures of sakura.

And I feel accomplished.



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