2 boys 1 girl update

 Since I've made a vow to blog *at least* once a week..

What would the update be, from a full-time housewife? Why, her kids, of course! (or books, or husband, or the city she lives in. Today I decided it'd be about the kids)

The boys are crazy close now. They basically spend every single minute together - they're their own best friends, or even twins, I can't really tell sometimes. And that makes me doubt my parenting skill, really - I always expect them to be at the same phase, that when Rafiy can't catch up with Rayyan, I wonder whether his development really lags or whether I expect from him too much? Because Rayyan is older than him by 2 years, so by right he can't really be at par with his older brother in many aspects. But because they're so inseparable they seem like twins, I always find myself being so frustrated when Rafiy couldn't do what Rayyan could.

I can safely say that now, having 3 kids, makes me understood the 'middle child syndrome' more. How can the middles ones not be frustrated and lashing out all the time, when their needs always get overlooked by parents because the parents are always looking out for the eldest development while making sure the youngest isn't left out - so middle ones are always being overlooked. I totally, totally understood this now.

Oh Rafiy, while always being overlooked, he's also the sweetest to me - he has this 'joke' he always do at random times, whenever he sees me feeling down, etc. He'd make this silly face and voice, and I would always burst with laughter when I see his face. It's something he inherits from his daddy, totally. He's also the clingy-est to us; there was one time his daddy went out to get Amazon parcels at the lobby and he passed by the boys' room, telling them (as a joke, he said) "Daddy wants to run away, bye boys"

Rafiy came to me in the living room, crying his heart out cause he really thought daddy is going away leaving him. (while Rayyan, no emotions at all. Maybe he's the one I need to be worried about)

Baby girl is turning two year-old this coming April. That's 2 more months to go, when it feels like I just gave birth to her yesterday! She's learning to form sentences now, quite fast compared to her big brothers. She says "hi daddy!", copying Ms Rachel on Youtube when she sees her daddy was working at the dining table, which of course melts her daddy's heart all the time. When she can't see me, she'd call out "mommyyyy" with her high-pitched voice. She's a nuisance in the kitchen; of course the place she'd find me all day now, so she makes it her life purpose to reorganise my kitchen cabinet with the tupperwares and bowls and whatnots. 

One time I was lying on the sofa in the living room, and she came to me "mommy?" so I closed my eyes shut, pretending to be asleep. Then she went to our room, took the blanket and tried to put the heavy blanket on me...and oh my God when I tell you my heart melted like a butter on the floor💜

People always say don't have a favourite child, but at the moment I think I have😂 (please don't tell 'em boys)

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