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Voting for a better Malaysia

 So yesterday I posted this little rant on my IG story, and a friend asked me to post it on FB cause she wants to share it to her FB friends. Seeing how deserted my FB these days and the fact that I haven’t logged in for so long, I decided to post it here instead.

It all started when we visited this park in Shinagawa which has a playground highly rated in Google, and when we arrived, we were blown away by how impressive this place is. Honestly it’s nothing like I have ever seen in Malaysia - the playground has extensive types of slides, a hugee trampoline, several trails, picnic and barbeque sites, a “dirty” playsite specially designed for the kids who like to play in the mud and so much more. Another plus point is the super clean facilities provided in the area - well we all know this is Japan, it’s the norm.

But what’s mindblowing is, I couldn’t believe that it’s free of charge. A public playground or park in Malaysia has nothing like this.

And it made me so sad.

When I was 18, I was a BN supporter. The government financed my education (and my siblings’) and I was placed in a good boarding school, so growing up my parents have always expressed their gratitude for the aid. Then I received a scholarship for my degree in Japan.

At 20, I had a good life in Japan - I could see how an effective government benefited the taxpayers. The people received good financial aids from the government (even the foreigners) and the public facilities such as roads, parks, train stations etc are super well-maintained. 

Going back home for good at 24 years old, suddenly I could really see how my country was so poorly managed. Being abroad for 4 years taught me how a development should look like. But nothing was changed at my own hometown. Forget public facilities, government services too so far behind the expectation - while millions and millions MYR are spent every year, we can’t even get decent LRT stations, they’re forever under maintenance.

So, how come? The taxpayers pay a huge sum of money every month to the government, where did it go? Why are our standard of life so poor?

And at 24, I was lucky enough to start my career at a well-known company, paying a huge sum of monthly tax - which later I would always wonder what does it benefit me, if not my parents?

The government sent me abroad to open my eyes and learn about other culture. And boy does it open.

Come 2018, it was finally time for me to vote. So I voted for change. So exhilarated with the result. Got disappointed again in 2020. 

And now the chance for change is here again. And I know what I am voting with confidence. I will vote for a better Malaysia. Cause why can’t we be one, when others can?


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