We were looking for a place for dinner on the first day of the new year. It’s got to be other than fast food and nasi kukus ayam we always order on Grab, I thought.

Then I realize, it’s got to be kaki furai (fried oyster). I mean if you know me from way back then, kaki furai is my holy grail in Nihon. 

Turns out there’s a really cool Japanese restaurant which serves kaki cooked in spicy garlic gravy. Looks soo similar to the ones I used to have in Japan, it makes me wanna cry.

Plus point - they serves buffet for RM90+ per adult for 2 hours!

And their matcha creme brulee is.. *speechless* 
Please go if you’re a fan of Japs food.

I swear we will never go to anywhere else. Nowhere even comes close to this place.

Say hi if you ever saw me there gobbling down oysters down my throat😚

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