Since MCO started, I was partly relieved because then I knew I could revisit my long-lost hobby of reading again..

Then working from home kinda threw me off the rails. I cannot whine enough about being a mom at home while trying to be an employee too, because believe me, IT'S TOUGH. But nobody wants to hear about the whining, right? Apparently being a mom means absorbing all of that shit..

Oh. Sorry. On to happier things..

I started reading my old books again until I read an article in the company's email, where someone shared their books recommendation list to read during this MCO. Then I immediately went to book because that's where I've been getting my books for years, even husband's books too. Then I realised it took me a month for my previous orders from there to reach me, imagine anticipating my new orders during MCO?

I'd grow white hair by then.

So I asked husband for his old Kindle, which I bought him as a present back in 2012. It was in the cabinet, hardly used anymore cause he said 'oh I like physical books better' but really I think he's too cheapskate to buy ebooks from Amazon and read it on Kindle.

So that night, I charged it up, switched it on, went on Amazon - found the two books I was looking for after a few clicks, registered my credit card, purchased and downloaded them. Took me less than a hundred bucks and a few hours - such a great investment I think, instead of going on book, buy the books for almost the same price and have to wait for months before the books reach me.


And I really wondered why I didn't use Kindle earlier!

So now I have finished these two books, and downloaded another three books to read. All in a span of less than a day.

So glad for technology!

The Kindle is old since it's built from 2012, but it's still functioning. The down side is, being an avid Apple user I am inclined to 1) upgrade the software, but I'm not even sure if Amazon has that sort of thing 2) buy a new iPad for reading to substitute the Kindle. At the moment, I've been browsing Apple store on my phone (doesn't help that Apple store has the most customer-friendly app ever I bought a new Apple Watch strap during this MCO and it reached me within 3 days) and the new iPad is calling my name..

We'll see.

I still want to rave about this technology where you can download a book and read it instantly on your tablet!! Super genius how did I miss this FML.

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