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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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Turning 33

So last 2 weeks, I turned 33 years old.

Never thought this day would come (sob)

But honestly? Despite being at home for MCO, I had the awesomest birthday because these monkeys were with me. Daddy told them the day before (and 2 days before) that it's Mommy's birthday, so they will have to sing a Happy Birthday to Mommy and blow the candles and give Mommy endless kisses. So days leading up to the actual day, these two won't shut up about it so the plan kind of backfired HAHA.

"Daddy, cepatla birthday Mommy..bila nak sing Happy Birthday song?" 
"Daddy, cepatla beli birthday cake" 
Lol they are definitely the world's worst liars.

So for the birthday cake, husband ordered it from (probably the only cake store that still delivers during MCO) cause they have salted caramel cake I love. It doesn't look as good as his cake I ordered, but that'll do.

The cake arrived on the eve of my birthday. And those monkeys won't shut up about it..until the next day, and we had to do the celebration earlier because they want to eat the cake😐

 The monkeys I told you before.

Don't be fooled by those smiles.

Anyway. What I wish for this year? A good life, a happy life, drama-less, and with these monkeys by my side. Career-wise, I'm pretty happy with where I am right now - it's hectic but fulfilling (ask me again when MCO ends). I feel like I've changed a lot from previous years, and when I read through the archives I can hardly recognise the girl who was writing them - it feels as though I'm not the same girl anymore.

Oh, and I want to travel again. Maybe Nihon again, maybe other places. I want to go somewhere new and experience it like I did many years ago, when I just started my degree.

I know the reason I've changed so much, but instead of dwelling on it, I want to embrace it. People change. I can't even keep up with Rayyan and Rafiy anymore - they are moving, like, 100 times faster than I am and I'm finding it hard to keep up. It's difficult, but the experience is rewarding. Maybe that's why people evolve; we have to evolve if we want to keep up with other things. In my case, like my kids. It's so hard not to because I love them and I want to be with them every step of the way.

Oh, and how I miss those times when I could blog nonsense like this, with no appropriate start or ending.


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