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My go-to eye palette

My go to eye palette at the mo? Definitely this.

But in all honesty, the major reason I bought is because of the gorgeous packaging haha #materialistic

Okay. Let’s be real – I already have a few eye mini eye palettes so practically, I didn’t even need a new, bigger one. The Benefit mini nude eye palette was my go-to, but the texture was stiff for me and while I lovee every single shade in that mini size; application, on the other hand is horrible.

Until I discovered this Tartelette in Bloom.

Everything else is a failure #quotingTaylorSwiftlol

I mean look at these shades.

Okay. First off, I’m not a makeup artist nor am I qualified to give talks about makeup, but if you read the reviews, this Tartelette palette is the shiz. Application is a breezy, so easy to apply even for a newbie like me and so far I’ve had so much funn mixing and matching every single shade available – and I love the fact that it comes with several matte and glitter colors that turn your eyelid into a little party. The smell of them shades are heavenly too which isn’t healthy because everytime I apply them I’m suddenly craving for chocolates!

Now, if you’ve seen me out and about with my eyes all made up, it’s all thanks to this palette. Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself reaching out to my Estee Lauder VB palette, too – but dang it sure has got a competition!

The downside? The only thing I could think of right now is how big this is that it can’t fit into my medium-sized bags easily (major points in comparison to VB palette!) so if I could somehow have the power to shrink things, I’d shrink this. Although it can fit my Zoeva brush pouch nicely so whenever I have the extra space, I’d bring this with me; but any smaller pouch than Zoeva’s then you’d have to opt for other smaller palettes.

So glad I found my dream eye palette that I can actually use without feeling so intimated (for not knowing how to apply correctly lol)


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