Rafiy at 6 months

Can't believe my little man turned 6 months old last couple of weeks!­čś«

Rafiy, is an entirely different baby compared to Rayyan, I can attest to it now. He's got temper, but you can barely notice it because he rarely show it in front of anyone - but once he does, be prepared to hear the loudest grunt (yes he grunts) and scream you've ever heard in your life.

Don't be fooled by those eyes.

And at 4 months plus, he was already turning and crawling on his own, so fast compared to Rayyan before. Nowadays, you can find him under the table, in between the sofa, by the door, anywhere he feels like going and anywhere he sees something he can chew; he'd definitely make it his crawl destination.

Solids? Yes we started, but unlike Rayyan (who used to eat everything­čśĹ) he's got his own sets of like and dislike. Apple, banana, carrot, sweet potato and cereal - these seems to be accepted by his standard, so far. Pear is a big no. Pumpkin is a no. I'm thinking of starting him on rice porridge sometime soon so that he'd be a big fan of rice (like Rayyan before).

I've stopped breastfeeding, too. At first he rejected direct feed and preferred bottles, maybe because he takes bottles at nursery so OK I thought I could pump and give him EBM, but my supply was decreasing fast and at one point he rejected EBM too FML T.T He knows it's not formula and he hated it. And because he was gaining very little weight every month, the pediatrician even asked us to start solids at 4 months old so I knew something has got to go.

At this point, I knew already it's going to be a different journey with him. (Rayyan was breastfed until he was 1 year old)

But he's also getting more clingy than ever now, to me, which I love. Suprisingly! Although at times I wish he would prefer his daddy more so I could do more housework, truthfully I love that his round eyes still look around the room and light up when he sees me. (and proceeds to cry for me too T.T) He would cry whenever he feels Rayyan's hands on his face or head or anywhere near his skin cause he knows Rayyan would pinch him somehow (LOL) but to this day, no one makes him laugh like Rayyan does. Even us, the parents. Somehow everything Rayyan does amuse him - he would look at Rayyan with wide eyes, and laugh even when he doesn't tease him -_- #weirdo

He lovess to smile to strangers too I don't know why. So if you see him, and he smiles at you, don't feel too special­čśé

Sigh Rafiy, I wish you'd stay small forever so I don't miss your newborn smell. #istilldo #ithurts

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