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our kind of Saturday morning

It was Saturday morning.

As usual, I’d be woken up at the sight of Rayyan playing with my hands, or putting his head on my tummy like it’s some sort of a pillow (it’s not), or Rayyan pinching his little brother’s cheeks to wake him up. As usual, during weekends he’d always be the one waking up earlier than everybody else, including me and husband (we’d very much prefer to stay in bed for as long as we can, but Rayyan doesn’t seem to grasp this concept).

So staying in bed, I played with him for a while, kissed Rafiy and gomol-ed him as usual, sang a few songs cause Rayyan asked me to, and when he got bored of me, he’d say “Ayyan nak turun bawah”.
That’s the cue for me to finally wake the husband up.

So we were all downstairs, while taking turns to have breakfast so that one of us could keep an eye out for the little boys. This is the time I love the most – I’d have Rayyan smothering me while watching his favourite videos on Youtube, talking nonsense to me and I’d have Rafiy on my lap. But now that Rafiy has managed to roll over to lie on his tummy on his own now, he seems to prefer that position to play – sometimes when he can’t roll over, he’d wail T.T

Then, my husband announced that we’re all swimming in the pool outside today. And by swimming I mean Rayyan and Rafiy in their swimtrunk (for babies), lazying around the inflatable pool we bought some weeks ago – while me watching them from the side and husband taking charge of the kids inside the pool.

And of course, I’d have to be their unofficial photographer too. #luckykids #luckyhusband

Then when they’re all blue and cold from the water, it’s time to take proper shower inside. I’d take over Rafiy while Rayyan is Shahrul’s – it’s like we’re tagteamming haha. To think of it, parenthood is all about tagteamming – something I learned from my own experience. Hence why I cannot fathom why some men could just leave the work entirely on their wives, and syok making babies only -_- 

(Please don’t get married la like that dey. Your wives deserve better!)

Anyway. That’s how my Saturday usually goes (the first half of it, the second half usually involve trips to shopping malls or watching TV at home – not so fun to talk about, especially now that husband has declared “less malls, more family time at home” HMPHH) and I just realized just how much I’m looking forward to it again once weekend is over. 

Really, kids grow up so fast and it’s so hard to keep up on them, so I’m determined to enjoy these little moments for as long as I can. Just last few days, Rayyan learned a lot of phrases and added more words to his vocabulary that I can’t help feeling so sad – he’s no longer our little baby, he’s a full grown toddler now. He has his own likes and dislikes, and isn’t afraid to show them. Sometimes I don’t even understand what he’s saying, when just months ago I was the one repeating words to him!

One day, when Rayyan and Rafiy have started school or gone to college, I know I’d be looking back at this post all teary-eyed wondering where all the years have gone. At that time, on our bed there would only be me and husband, and while we crave to have our own privacy at this time without these kids, that day we would yearn for their presence in our little home again.

Mommy loves you so much, Rayyan and Rafiy – more than you’d ever, ever know.


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