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my first Fendi 2Jours

So here it is.

I've gotten myself a new bag!

Promised myself that it will be the new bag for quite a long time, this time. Well, at least until both my kids are grown enough..

Made a pact that this would be my future motivation, too, in the career and motherhood department. Turning 30 made me re-evaluate a lot of things - the goals I wanted to achieve, the lessons I've learned and now, it all still feels like a dream to me. After all the hardship, a new bag is justified, right?

(Or maybe I'm just making up reasons to get a new bag HAHA.)

But but, getting a new bag and making a big purchase are big decisions (at least to me). I needed to do a lot of research on which bag I'd like to see myself wearing in the next few years, and it wasn't easy! Too many studs would look teenage-y, too flashy a leather would look pretentious, too big, too small - turning 30 turned me into an overthinker grandma FML.

So after a longg while, after browsing my go-to forums, after consulting a few trusted people, I landed my hands on this.

Got my first Fendi Petite 2Jours.

Fendi has been my dream, as an adult. It's the brand that has gotten my attention a few years ago when I just started working - the ladies who wore the bag, be it the 2jours, 3jours, or Peekaboo (their top three best selling range) just seem so professional yet stylish. They aren't so loud, they're understated yet distinguishable and made from very high quality material - justified the price tag of course.

I so, so wanted one. But I knew I needed to earn and wait for the right time.

Then starting the hunt this year, I looked for websites with the most discount (HAHA) I could get on the brand, waited for the sale sign to come flooding my inbox and compared each site diligently to see which would give me most bonus points. I had my heart fixed on the petite 2jours as Fendi Peekaboos price tag is out of my league (need to wait maybe another 10 years..), and 3jours sharp edges' shape just turns me off.

Cara Delevigne in Fendi 2Jours ad (she's donning the regular 2Jours size)

If the shape of the 2Jours Cara is carrying above looks slightly different, it's because it is the older 2Jours design. Since 2015 I think Fendi has changed the texture of the 2Jours, as below :

The older design.

The newer design.

Personally, I like the new one - looks simpler and understated, which are what I'm looking for.

Finally pulled the plug.

Have always wanted a nude color bag that goes with everything, and the fact that this bag comes with the little Fendi furry bag bug is like a cherry on top.

I'm obsessed with this bag that I carry it everywhere nowadays..

Can't believe I have a Fendi now! And that concludes my bag purchase for a longg while. 


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