WIWT : second pregnancy syndrome

So..it’s been a while T.T 

I realize that this time around, it’s getting harder to dress up – quite frankly, bump is bigger this time, or so I feel because other people kept telling me otherwise.

“No lah, where got?? Can hardly see your perut!”

Or so they say. 

Underneath, my underwear choices are limited since nowadays I prefer the low waist one (the rest makes my tummy feel so suffocated) and ones that made from stretchable material; my pants on most workdays are unzipped (not only unbuttoned, ok) so it’s getting uncomfortable but I’m yet to find maternity pants (still in denial, wish me luck in the next few weeks); and the only pants I like to wear now are the ones with drawstrings or stretchable waist.

How the hell did I survive dressing up during the previous pregnancy, I will never know.

Regardless, while I’m having a shitty time finding pants that fit, tops are easier. Still using my old tops and as long as they’re not that tight, I’m good. The top I’m wearing here is from Dorothy Perkins which I’ve worn over and over again since pre-pregnancy days. DP has the best decent work-appropriate tops, I swear my wardrobe consists of 60% DP tops haha.

And while finding pants that fit is such a shitty time for me, this floral drawstring pants from DP drew me in – nevermind the fact that I rarely ever wear floral pants. As long as they’re comfortable, I’m good. Though pairing it with printed scarves..isn’t such a good idea kot.

Oh. Printed scarf from Arzu – did I tell you I have a newfound hijab brand crush?

Nevermind. I say second pregnancy, bring it on.

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