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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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things Rayyan says

Rayyan is turning 2 years old in a few months’ time. I think I’m quite behind in documenting his age milestones compared to before (being a mom is needing more than 24 hours a day), but the one thing I’m going to record (frequently, from now on..wish me luck) is the fact that..

He’s talking a lot nowadays!

Starting off, Rayyan is quite reserved and not that talkative (got it from his momma..and daddy too  -_-) especially with strangers. He prefers to do his own thing, sometimes dragging us to play with him too and would just be in his own world when strangers are watching. Or clinging to Mommy or Daddy for protection -_-

But I noticed that he’s expanding his vocabs a lot nowadays. Examples :

Me : (doing my makeup routine in the morning)
Rayyan : *points at me while talking with Daddy* Dan. Mayke-upp. Mayke-upp.

(he calls Daddy and Mommy = Dan. He actually knows how to pronounce Daddy and Mommy, but for some reason he prefers to use Dan to call us both. Not sure why)

Me and Rayyan just got home after fetching him from school.
Rayyan went straight to the fridge.

Rayyan : *points at the fridge* Appaaa. Nak. Appaaa.

He wants apple. He calls apple as appaa. Sometimes appan T.T

We were watching his favourite cartoon on the TV’s Youtube. Then the Youtube video stopped, pausing before playing the next one in the playlist.

Rayyan : *points at the TV* Habishh. Habishh.

We were watching TV (some movies, not Rayyan’s favourite) and Rayyan was playing with his toys. Suddenly he came to take the TV remote and switched the TV off (probably pissed that I paid attention to the TV instead of him). I took the remote and switched it back on just to see how persistent he is.
This went on for a few times, until he got sick of it and said to me,

“No no no no no” while wiggling his finger.

LOL I really don’t know where he picked that up haha.

And a few other things. Ooh and he also knows to get his teachers’ attention to report on things some other kids were doing -_- #kakireport

Although he doesn’t know how to string more words in a sentence yet, he’d speak in his own language and the teacher would always entertain him lol. He seems to loosen up to his teachers better compared to the first few months he started at the school, which I think is a good thing for a person as private as him. And he doesn't like Daddy touching/hugging/PDA-ing Mommy too for some reason.

Although I used to think having a boy is tough compared to having a girl (it's the public perception), now it feels like I have my own bodyguard.


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