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Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder collection

When I found out Victoria Beckham was coming out with a new range of makeup, I was ecstatic. I found out about it weeks before it was officially launched - and the next day, I went to the Estee Lauder branch nearby to ask when it's arriving in Malaysia XD

Hubs was amused.
"You'd buy anything with Victoria Beckham label on it, is it?"

Lol. I can do without her super tight skinnies line and A-line dresses.. But when it comes to makeup..

I kalah -_-

So finally got my hands on her eye palette a few weeks ago. Prior to the purchase, I Googled, Youtubed, browsed almost every tutorial and review on the collection to make sure I didn't miss anything. Ruled out the lipsticks which comes in two shades (both not really my color), eyeliner (content with what I have now) and highlighters, I decided that the eye palette would be worth the buy.

Went to the branch and asked the SA to help me try them on. The colors are very strong - black, green and blue - and I looked different in an instant!

After a few days, I found that the palette is really growing on me now. The reason?

+ The black leather and gold furnishing - looks cooler than anything else in makeup department
+ Variety of colors for eye shadows, including the brownish earth tone
+ Match with anything
+ Easy to apply and long-lasting
+ 6 different shades in a compact - easy for travel
+ It's Victoria Beckham!

Felt so sayang to use after a while. Considering I rarely buy eyeshadows or eye palettes, think this is going to last me a long time.


  1. Hi Zatil,

    Do you mind to share the price range?


    1. Hi Atiqah,
      The palette I purchased is around RM300, same goes to the Morning Aura moisturizer. Lipsticks are around RM100+, not sure about the others though :)


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