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WIWT : hunting Pokemon

If you're wondering why I rarely post WIWT anymore, it's because I no longer have time or energy for it T.T Reached home from work, fetched Rayyan, got home and dragged a 10 kilogram baby upstairs - not really WIWT-worthy of shots when you're already drenched in sweat.

Or if I could do it pun, Rayyan WILL be on it - expect him to be all over Mommy after a long day at the nursery. Sobs. 

So, when my husband willingly took shots of me during weekends, it's categorized as WIWT yeah?

Top from FV basics, striped culottes from Mastuli Khalid, Grape Smoothie satin silk dUCkscarves, and nude platform mules by Nelissa Hilman.

Last weekend, we were out in KLCC hunting Pokemons - well, at least for me, while the husband watched over Rayyan running around the park. Told him that the game is actually a good thing; we get to bring Rayyan out and about.

It was his first time at the KLCC fountain, even. Can you believe it T.T We need to go out more often!

After spending a few hours there, I managed to level up by 3 levels :O Though it might not be much for some, it is an achievement for me lol. Special attractions where you can find Pokemons wandering about while you were there; the fountain (of course), near The Apartment, the open area near Mandarin Oriental and inside the mall.

So, where did you go for Pokemon-hunting in KL?


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