So I'm back to office this week, after 1-week long MC and resting at home. What I did last week? In between going to the hospital for daily checkups, I had my little brother driving me to Low Yat (my first time ever going there T.T) to buy my office laptop's charger which I left at the office, doing some work and submitting them to my boss for an important meeting this week, downloading entire seasons of Gossip Girl and watching them 24/7.

Was so bored. I don't think anyone could survive being on MC more than 2 weeks T.T My eyes aren't completely healed yet so driving is such a hassle - I couldn't see clearly especially when there's bright sunlight, and my eyes get dry so often that I have to moist them up every now and then. Staying at home is the only solution, and it felt like forever T.T

And since I'm wearing glasses now, I have to get used to them on my face all the time, which is incredibly weird T.T

So I wore the glasses to work for the first time yesterday. Wasn't sure what I was expecting from the colleagues, so I was quite nervous.

A few of the colleagues were cool. Some didn't notice anything, even -_-

But a male collegue, who's known among us as skema, took a look at my face and said,

"You look so different with the glasses. Is it new or old? Why do I feel like it's so big? You look skema"

I told him that I had a rectangle shape glasses before and this was a newer one made, so I didn't want the same design. And I wanted something different.

Then male colleague number 2 came.

"Eh, you look like Saloma"

Then walked away.

HAHA then I went back to my table, and Googled Saloma glasses lol.

So much for wanting something different!


  1. 1) Anon tak rasa nampak Skema. Nampak lawa lagi ada.

    2) Anon pon googled Saloma glasses bila baca. Hahaha. Saloma = cool. So meaning nampak cool lah :)

    1. 1) Aww thanks Anon! You're too nice heh.
      2) Kalau kecik baru nampak cool sikit kot. Besar sgt pulak rasa hahah.



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