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When it comes to shopping for shoes, the higher it is, the better for me. Always.

It's a mantra I have stuck onto - if I settle for anything less (high), it'd be eventful. The only flats I own so far? The Ferragamo espadrilles my husband got me in Shinjuku's Isetan a couple of years ago as my birthday present, and a Fitflop I bought at a clearance sale somewhere in TTDI while being pregnant with Rayyan.

And those two to me are more than enough, which I wear every occasion I get whenever heels are not necessary.

So for work, it's always heels or wedges for me. But last few weeks, my Hush Puppies work wedges has gotten so worn out from being used every single day that everyone I met expressed their concern - I knew I needed a substitute.

This Classic 100 black patent heels by Nelissa Hilman came to mind.

So gorgeous! And so office-appropriate too, you'd nail the corporate look instantly in this.

So I went to Isetan KLCC to try them on. It's a condition I pose on myself - after a size mishap I encountered from buying shoes online sometime ago, I knew I couldn't experience the same thing twice. Never buy shoes online, period.

At least, in this case. I was right. They looked comfortable, but putting them on and walking in them is an entirely different story - they hurt my feet so BAD. They felt uncomfortable and even in my size, they somehow don't fit my feet nicely T.T

So counting my blessings that I didn't make the purchase online, I walked around KLCC a bit. Charles & Keith was having a massive sale and was packed, so I decided to drop by to see what it's got to offer.

And 10 minutes later, I came out with this. Mid heels, patent black pump with a little gold lining for the understatement - just my perfect shoes.

And I got them after less, at around 70 bucks. Much cheaper, more comfortable for walking, office appropriate - I'm a happy girl. The good thing about mid heels is, they're high enough to give you some height and not that high to cause your feet a pain in the ass. Never thought I'd settle for one (kitten heels is unfortunately still a no-no for me) buttt there's a first time for everything!

Lesson learned - sometimes you thought the finest thing in life goes proportionately with the price tag it comes with. But if you're willing to look below rather than up; maybe that's where you'd find the pearl.

But nothing against Nelissa Hilman's brand though! I still love the brand, but maybe not those heels. Just reiterating what I've learned; never buy shoes online.

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