WIWT : When one door closes

..., another one opens!

Ever since I gave up on skinny jeans, I feel like I'm being introduced to a whole new world of..pants.

First, culottes. I love them, I still do. I find myself reaching out for them far more frequent than my skinnies before.

And now, these pants, from Mimpikita, has rocked my world the way skinnies never did.

Dropped by Mimpikita boutique last week when we were in Bangsar. I knew they were having some sales on selected items, and that they were showcasing their print designs for Raya 2016 - so I guess I was trying my luck to see if I like anything.

Saw these pants. Tried them on. Fell in love. They're on sale. Grabbed!

Would never pay full retail, so yay.

The material makes it look so much nicer don't you think?

I was wearing gathered top from FVbasics in nude, grid trousers from Mimpikita and Boysenberry georgette dUCkscarves.

Saw Nurul from Mimpikita who was at the store, handling some customers for custom made dresses I think. It was the second time I've met her, and both at her store, handling registers and whatnot. What I like about the brand are the print designs as they're always coming out with specialized prints, and also because I can see the hard work behind it.

Some other brands (not saying which) claimed their names on the brand, but the items are obviously taken straight from some factories in China - no quality, poor stitching and look so cheap IRL despite the expensive price tag. I found an exact same top (same prints and everything) at another store online which was selling at at least 40% cheaper than the price I bought.

Felt so cheated you have no idea.

Glad I've decided to stick with certain brands for a while now. And Mimpikita being on top of the list!

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