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Our CEO's leaving

So, this March marks the date our OPU CEO was leaving. He's retired, but he's still supporting us by holding the position until this year - before being called to transfer to another division within the company.

Last week, we held a farewell party for him. He was invited to give a speech and share his leadership journey - dated 30 years back!

So I attended the talk.

He's a very well respected man among us - very, very rarely that anyone would make a fuss over his decisions or what he says. He gives this genuine smile every time we bumped into him at the office, not the just-courtesy smile; it's one that you can feel his warmth and honesty. I always look forward to seeing him at the cafe because of that!

He's the kind that you can talk whatever you want, too - without fear of being judged. He rarely ever gets mad; probably the most "stable" boss we've known, emotionally haha. So I guess that puts the pressure for his successor to earn the same respect like we did since he became our leader a few years ago.

Some things I learned from his talk :

+ When the hard time hits at work (talking no-more-positions kinda hard), the only person you can count on is your other half. Your friends will not know what to say so they tend to shy away from you, so don't be mad at them. You probably would have done the same.

+ Appreciate your partner. He/she would stick by you and not judge you, so don't take them for granted.

+ How does he balance his work and family? He made it known that his weekends are strictly with his family - no work at all.

+ Don't take work home!

+ Focus on what you need to do, everything else can become second priority. Set your goals and shortlist them so that you know what you're focusing on

+ Even when you're the CEO, always appreciate those who do the hard labor for you.

+ Always do and give the best in everything you do - one day you will be recognized for it! (Wise words, shall keep this in mind)

+ Don't be afraid to take up something new - you never know what you're capable of and where the new experience will take you

+ Be modest - the best thing in being successful is when you don't shout about it.

So glad I went to the talk!

Anyway, at the end of the talk we were told that he's a TERRIFIC bargain hunter - he goes to warehouse sales almost every weekend and buys stuff at a fraction of its retail price. He will never pay full retail, he says. It's a life pledge he adheres to.

Then a colleague saw me and said,

"Wah just like you!"


(My husband and I would check out and go to the listed warehouse sales, though the practice has gone down the drain since we had Rayyan lol.)

But I honestly think everyone is capable to be a bargain hunter. And to think that a CEO shares the sentiment even when he's the CEO, wow. I need to reapply this don't-pay-full-price-for-everything concept again.

He drives a Japanese car, too XD


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