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Jua is married!

Last weekend, was the wedding of my high school-sans-AAJ girlfriend, Jua. We were from the same school (Seri Puteri) and even at some point, the same class, but we weren't in the same 'click' back then.

Until she suddenly appeared at Ambang Asuhan Jepun, UM (where I was having my foundation prior to flying to Japan for degree) one day during orientation, and the rest they history.

And..she married her PTD boyfriend last weekend!

(picture stolen from @BlogDiloz)

There's something about seeing your close ones reach their big milestones in life - marriage included. I remember those times when we just started working; we used to meet up at this particular Starbucks or Alamanda just to rant about stuff. Usually it revolves around work (I had to go for business trips, which I hated) and relationships.

To Jua and Nuwa, I hope you guys will be happy for as long as He desires, and make many many cute babies. Rayyan needs new friends! Haha.

Quite an event, even the ministers came to celebrate (Jua and Nuwa are both PTDs) the couple. I met the AAJ girls and some friends from SSP.

 Such a beautiful, beautiful wedding. Happy for you Jua <3 br="">


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