He bought me a watch from Japan

I just had to put a disclaimer here - I had this post in my drafts, but didn't write anything on it. Just uploaded the below pictures, thinking I'd do the post sooner or later. My husband (as usual) went on my dashboard and opened them, and said to me yesterday morning,

"Bila nak tulis tu? Saja je letak title macam tu sebab nak tease!"

Haha. (High five if you could relate)

So in honor of him, I did the post today. My husband was away in Japan for his another one-week business trip a few weeks ago. Every time he comes back, he'd usually buy me something even though I didn't specifically ask for anything.

Hong Kong trip : two pairs of earrings in silver (but not 925 silver as they've given me rashes), Taiwan trip : a pair of earrings, Japan trip : Royce chocolates, Starbucks instant coffee and Jagariko.

This time, it's a watch.

A classic CASIO watch, made in Japan!

Not just any watch - it comes in a pair, so he got one for himself too, in the same design. The ladies version comes in a smaller size compared to the men version.

Considering he's never bought me a watch before, this is a significant event. I'm not a watch person because I think they make me look so serious for some reason, so I'm quite picky. Doesn't matter that the watch is cheap or expensive; I'd have to really like them to buy them. The last time I bought a watch? For our hantaran gift, a Rotary watch - also came in a pair.

So now we officially have 2 pairs of the same watches!

This is his collection. What did I tell you? He's obsessed with watches!

I'm a happy happy wife. Even though I didn't ask for it, it means so much to me that you took the trouble. Thank you, housemate.

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