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WIWT : Sapphire Ice

It's been quite time-consuming to do this post. Hence the hiatus.

See that colorful IKEA container at the back? Yes, that's the reason of the hiatus - Mom was here for quite some time so she took over this room, and after she left, I realized the room needed some makeover. Hence the hiatus.

And I realize nowadays I'm quite busy being a Mommy to an 11 months old baby, that I hardly pause and think about myself..for once. Senget tudung days are inevitable and despite my resolution to always put myself in a place I could count to be as decent, sometimes I do have to change scarves at the very last minute due to the amount of snots I get from Rayyan or change my top to a more breast-feeding friendly one. You know, those I've stashed at the back of my wardrobe because everytime, I vow never to touch again. when I get that chance to think about myself for once in a longgg time, it feels nice. Dressing up feels nice.

Being a Mommy nowadays deserves its own post, so I'm not gonna dwell on it for now. But but but can you see how happy I am?

That should suffice.

I was wearing a top I got from that Zara sale, a basic work pants and dUCkscarves bamboo cotton in Sapphire Ice.

Hate to think how I've let go of myself since the last few (hectic) weeks that a colleague made a comment to me,

"You look so pale. Maybe you should try a brighter lip color, instead of the usual nude ones you usually wear?"

Even that guy at MAC counter passed this remark,

"You look so pale, you should really put at least some powder on"


And that was one of the days when I actually put on some foundation!

So today feels nice. Dressing up to work should be obligatory don't you think?


  1. Haha totally feel you! Rayyan keeps pulling my scarf too FML but I always pin them merata-rata so they'd stay on hehe. Satin silk is for the days when I think Rayyan behaves well (compared to normal days) XD


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