WIWT : Peplum and Skants

Clearly I'm not so creative with the title haha XD

And clearly this is a late post. Wore this to the office last Friday because it was one of those moments when I feel like skants is meant for casual Friday.

And clearly this was out of my comfort zone cause one of the colleagues commented "wah going fancy today!" - I mean, I usually do make some efforts okay? But peplum and skants as a combination is probably too much for him to handle LOL.

Based on his comments, not bad for an effort to dress up to work I reckon.

Think I'm gonna get peplums or seangkatan dengannya more to accommodate these loose bottoms XD


  1. ok, its about time u make a hijab tutorial..plss =)

    1. OK I seriously would if I could tolerate myself on videos haha T.T Jokes aside, I'll try to find some time (and courage) to record and post it on this blog. Please bear with me ok? :)



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