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Wearing Culottes : A Guide

Was on a hiatus for a bit in the writing department as I was so busy with work and travel, but ayam back!

(Thank God the rep from Zalora is cool. Submitting something late is not OK, but I finally realize my limit and had to revise my planning - respect level just went three times higher for journalists)

At the time, I was doing some research on culottes prior to purchasing them massively (in a bid to chuck away my skinny jeans) so I decided to utilize them for the article. Not that it's so extensively done, though; I just appreciate good facts and pictures before spending good money on them.

So, if you're looking to make your first culottes purchase, hopefully you'd find this helpful :

A Guide on Wearing Culottes

2016 is definitely the year of culottes. The once-reigning legend (worn by various celebrities across the globe) is now, to our delight, making its comeback – and better than ever!

To those who aren’t familiar, culottes are essentially pants, made to look like skirts when worn. On tall girls, they’d look like they’re wearing a knee-length skirt as most culottes are made to cut at the knees; however, there are more culottes made for various length – short, medium and long to cater for different styles. On shorter (or petite, the nicer word we prefer) girls, we have no choice but to treat this style as long pants as even medium-cut culottes would end at our ankles. For those who want to cover up, it’s the perfect choice of style as it basically covers your whole bottom part area without being too tight – not to mention flattering too!

Let’s see various ways on how to style culottes :

The basics; of course, nothing is more elegant than a simple long sleeve body-fitting top that hugs your body naturally against the wider culottes. Together, it balances your body shape – adding the “hourglass” illusion, while giving us the freedom to accessorize any way we want! Add a statement necklace and a bold color heels then hit the streets looking amazing from head-to-toe.

A crop top; the one top no girl should live without especially the petite ones! Its versatility allows women to pull off multiple looks, for example this one – the top ends perfectly on top of the culottes and balances the shape of the culottes without having to tuck it in (or out, for the petite ones). Longer tops would drown the petite ladies – so the crops are the way to go.

Outerlayer coat/jacket – for the I’m-at-work-but-I-still-look-fab types. Culottes proves to be one of the staples for the younger generation of working women as it is suitable to flaunt stylishly at the workplace. Complete the look with a pair of black pumps or flats and be ready to impress your boss with your fashionable appearance.

A peplum top – this seems to be the favorite look due to its flattering shape. A peplum top helps hide away your tummy area and accentuates your narrow waist against the wider culottes, hence producing the “hourglass” silhouette – now aren’t we a fan? Look effortlessly stylish by pairing it with heels or flats and have no problem being the star of street fashion.

No wonder they’re stealing the spotlight of 2016 as there are so many flattering ways to wear the culotte pants. However, make sure beforehand that you have a wide enough wardrobe to store these beautiful flowing gems. If you don’t have one, that one small space on your old rack or those metal hangers behind your door – use them to hang this beautiful, pretty thing delicately. This will ensure they look even better in the years to come!

Now what are you waiting for? Get the culottes (available at ZALORA) and start looking like a street style icon now!


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