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Trip to JB : Legoland

So, we had to cancel the Singapore trip.

And spent the day in Legoland instead.

Thinking it'd be fun for Rayyan, we didn't think twice about visiting the place - the husband claims he's a fan of Legos, too. I'm not so much of one, but redah je lah WTF. It's not like I had other choice, anyway.

And we learned that Rayyan, at 9 months, couldn't care less about Legos.

I was wearing FV Basic Kenzie culottes, Mimpikita multi-way cardigan, and Coffee satin silk from dUCkscarves. Not that these matter for the trip anyway, but it's been so long since I last post a WIWT haha so XD

Started our day quite early and reached Legoland by noon. Was surprised when we arrived - the place is extensive! Reminded me of Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneyland, well the gates, at least.

As soon as we step inside the fun land, we spotted a few Legoland workers - ready to snap our pictures. They carry a huge bulky camera around, spot visitors who (awkwardly) try to take selfie of themselves, and offer to do it using their camera AND the visitor's - at NO charge. You can later claim the picture at their gift shop if you're interested to buy.

Now, THAT is one good thing I found there. Not sure if the same practice is applied at Universal Studios Singapore or anywhere else, though.

One of them helped us took this picture.

Some more pictures :

After a while, it started raining WTF T.T Luckily there was some 3D show nearby, so we get to spend some time indoor for Rayyan's sake.

When Rayyan met Sophie, the Lego version.

Rayyan and Daddy found a resting spot.

And later..

Star Wars heaven for Daddy!

Shahrul was so excited, he kept asking me if I knew who this and that character was -_-

To tell you the truth, I don't haha.

At the miniature part.

Bread pudding, one that I shared with my husband while waiting for our photo souvenirs. One of the highlights of the trip, because we spent some time talking while indulging in this bread pudding slowly - just to enjoy each other's company. Rayyan was doing his own thing (which is chew fingers, etc) so we were left to ourselves. Rare times.

Legoland wasn't so bad! Now we no longer have to lie to Rayyan when one day he asks us if we took him there already haha XD


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