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Risky Bags

My second article for ZALORA Community is out!

When the rep asked, I couldn't make up my mind on what to write about. The topic is not limited to just fashion - we're given a vast range consisting of health, lifestyle, tips, and of course fashion so we can choose if we want to write about trends or how to raise a kid!

After a while, I came to a conclusion. Bags. Of course.

Whenever I thought about writing a formal article, I've always wanted it to be something familiar. Bag is a hugeee topic in my life, it's a given I'd want to write about it.

So here goes. (You can read it here too)

Are You A Risk-Taker When It Comes To Bags?

It’s a typical scene in fashion world – monochrome outfits are the go-to when one is in doubt, or just won’t bother to dress up (casual days), or just wants to be seen as “laid-back”. Don’t get us wrong, yes, monochrome is “in” for all the good reasons – but there WILL come a day when one would like to ditch the black-and-white and go for the brightest and quirkiest.

Which is why it is a good thing we have the likes of Anya Hindmarch, Fendi and Kate Spade in our fashion world.

Who could forget the iconic affordable bag which makes the world go gaga, “I’m Not A Plastic Bag”? Anya completely won the world over, and is still making her fabulous way into fashion. This year, she did it again with the colorful, quirky bags emblazoned with leather stickers along the lines of “Bags Have Feelings Too” and “Stop Staring at My Handbag!”. While we’re still wondering if we could afford to spend a few hundred bucks for sticker bags, these magic creations by Anya were already seen on models around the world – Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, to name a few. In hindsight, it’s a genius creation because growing up; most of us define ourselves to others with what stickers we stick onto our notepads or schoolbooks – from Spice Girls to Power Rangers. It’s proved that 10 years down the line, nothing has changed in the sticker sticking trend as it’s only getting more fashionable with leather stickers. With quirky smiley face images and lines such as “I love it! What is it?” “Free Recovery” “Slip It to Me” “Yes” designs– who could ever resist?

Not safe for children! Fendi introduced the monster backpack recently and it’s the new era in fashion, darling. The monster eyes are designed for their famous Peekaboo bags, too – which is perfect for ladies who want to reveal an edgy side to others. Fendi is one of the fashion brands which introduces quirky fashion-statement bag accessories, such as the famous Fendi Karlito bag charm which resembles its creative director, Karl Lagerfeld. It costs a bomb (for such a miniature gem) and definitely a luxury creation in the fashionable bag accessories trend. The phrase “Fendi Bag Bug” is there for exactly this reason.

Kate Spade clutches brighten up the day in no time. The use of catchy phrases, witty images and bright colors, these bags would turn just about every head you pass into your direction.

Feel like revamping your style? Add in these quirky bag designs and it will transform your outfit in seconds!

Let us know below, are you a risk-taker?


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