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finally got rid of long locks

"Why don't you ever keep your hair short?"

The husband asked, once probably for the tenth time over the course of our marriage.

"Why? You don't like my hair long?"

"Taklah, just curious"

To be fair, I've always kept my hair shoulder-length or longer - any less and I might risk looking like a 10-year old. Last I cut my hair? A few months after finding out I was pregnant, sometime last year.

That was fun, because my husband ended up likened me to..Arya Stark.


 So in simple words, I like my hair long. All the years in Japan was consisted of visits to the salon probably once every 3 months, just to get some trims or when I felt like having bangs, or when I felt like I needed to re-touch the roots.

(Would never say this out loud, but I miss my colored hair! There I said it.)

And the climate in Japan is definitely meant for long hair, because my hair had never look so luscious and shiny. Which I think thanks to Kerastase, too.

But recently, after the husband's remark - I started to view things differently. Started noticing how carefree my colleagues with short hair look - as though they woke up like that, no hassle, just comb a bit here and there and off you go. And their hair never goes out of place, throughout the day.

For a mom of 8-turning-9-months old baby, this sounds just perfect to me.

Oh, and the power of Instagram! This came on my feed a while ago, and I couldn't stop admiring it.

The Yasmin Hani's hair.

So I did it.

I finally cut my long hair!

When I told the stylist, she asked my a few times to reconfirm, even saved some inches afterwards before the "final" cut. Shahrul asked me if I was serious, too.

But glad I took this brave step. Head feels lighter than ever! Now I know why Audrey Hepburn, Posh Becks, Twiggy, J-Law, Rihanna and Natalie Portman all had pixie cut phase in their lives. Though eventually I have to rely on headbands to keep my (short) hair in place at home, at least now I have a reason to finally own a headband collection bahaha.

And don't worry, Rayyan was there the whole time, he still recognizes me XD


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