my grilled salmon

Over the weekend, Mom was over at our house (still is, actually. Hubs is going overseas for a business trip so he asked her to teman me) so I thought instead of making her cook for us, I'd show her my cooking skill. be fair, she always cooks whenever she's here. Usually even when I ask her not to. So what's a daughter gotta do?

Made her grilled salmon!

Hubs and Mom are big fan of Malay dishes, but I thought rocking their usual preferences once in a while wouldn't hurt. (explains why I hardly fix any western recipes Jamie Oliver-type) Asked Mom if it's ok.

"OK je. I always eat whatever my children make for me, OK? They're all good!"

Such bull.

(Once, I made her my famous ayam masak kicap. Left it on the stove and went to solat in my room. When I came back, I saw her in the kitchen, alone, tasting it...and added in some salt, completely unaware that I saw the whole thing. T.T)

So I braved myself to make this dish so foreign to her tastebud.

The steps? It's all marinated - put salmon in a bowl, add chopped garlic (or garlic powder/seasonings), sprinkle some rosemary, tiny thyme leaves, a bit of parsley, pepper, rock salt to taste.

Then, add some mayonnaise and oyster sauce to your liking - I just put a bit to have some juice. Then leave it marinated for a while i.e. 15-20 minutes.

Grill on the stove until it turns gold brown. Voila!

Hubs says it's good (he licked the plate clean!), Mom says it smells good.

There's no difference, I'm sure T.T

P/S : I just found out from Audrey that salmon can boost milk supply. Just FYI to mothers out there :)

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