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Rayyan's first solids

He's turned 5 months old (and plus) this month, so we decided to introduce solids into his meal.

Heck, I wanted to because I read somewhere that it will reduce his milk needs. (more stuff to fill up his tummy = less space for milk. Or something along that line.)

Anything to free up my boobs as soon as possible haha.

We decided to do it during free weekends, when his mornings are with us (duh) and less outings to look forward to.

Was too excited buying his utensils and baby food containers for the first experience.

Just look at his oversize Tommie Tippee bib HAHAHA but so handy though. Keeps most of his food off his rompers.

Googled for baby solids food recipe, but instantly doubting my puree-ing skill T.T I didn't even like my chicken porridge, how was I ever to survive making Rayyan's food lah really. But later found out that puree-ing consists of steaming and blending fruits and veggies, so phew.

We got the green light from the pediatrician during his 4-month appointment, but we waited until we feel like we're really ready to do it. Sounded so complicated WTF T.T #paranoidparents

So we started with..banana puree.

Recipe :

1) Cut banana into small pieces (for 1 serving. I just use 1 banana or 3/4 of a full banana)
2) Put them in a bowl. Smash them until they turn mushy.

(I'd add in a few drops of breastmilk for his first time, just to get him familiar with the food. Up to you)

That doesn't even qualify as a recipe lol.

"Am I supposed to be impressed, Mommy?"

Verdict : at first, he couldn't even finish a serving but it gets better the second time. Finished the whole bowl! But his expression didn't change at all -_-"

Nothing can ever impress my boy.

Next up, I'm making sweet potato puree for him. You'll see, Rayyan. Mommy's gonna rock your socks off.


  1. Muka rayyan hahaha XD muka just terima je apa yang diberi.

    1. Macam, "mommy sedapnya nak lagi?" kan kan? XD XD


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