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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

Pregnant or not pregnant

Thought I should just come clean and seek your advice.

(Guys, sod off.)

Case number one

A week ago, I stopped by a bazaar selling various food, sort of like a bazar Ramadan, on the way back from work to buy dinner. Passed by a stall selling drinks, and saw air asam boi, with ice cubes and the asam seeds at the bottom, in all its glory.

Not sure if I'm just thirsty or it's been a long time since I had one, I suddenly had an urge to have it in my system. The air asam boi seemed so delicious to me, that I had to have it. So I asked the guy if they have one without ice cubes because I wanted them in room temperature or just a bit suam.

They didn't. All they have was the big container of air asam boi with ice cubes.

I think my face went funny, because the guy seemed concern.

"Dik, memang nak yang suam ke? Abang buang ais, letak air panas ok? Tapi tawar sikit lah"

I was immediately happy. Paid RM1 for the drink haha. And drank it all the way home, happily.

And I was recalled to this particular incident, because this situation seems oddly familiar..

Case number two 

A few days after, I woke up from a dream, feeling funny. In that particular dream, when I tried to recall, I found out that I was pregnant...again.

Not sure if these two events are related, but when I told the story to Shahrul, he was worried HAHA.

"You sure you're not pregnant?"

And even asked me to take a test, since I have no indicator whatsoever at the mo besides these two incidents. (my period hasn't come yet since I delivered Rayyan)

I'm mostly skeptical, somemore I'm not the type of person who believes in dreams. After all, things would not be as it is if we take precautions, right? Or so I'm convinced.

(Girls, this is why you should educate yourself about this topic enough.)

So, how now brown cow?


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