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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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my Happy Planner updated

I think I'm having a lot of fun doing my Happy Planner, that blogging has become my second priority.

 (One of the dreaded things, doing hands-on stuff? You can't undo your writing T.T I misspelled the Mitsui Outlet, of all things.)

So that was my last week.

Granted, I admit it's pretty tough prioritizing planning, doing laundry, handling my baby and household all at the same time - my friends were curious at how I slot my time doing this planning thing haha.

But truth be told, when you like doing something, you MAKE TIME.

Husband was particularly curious.

"Why do you do this Happy Planner thing?"

Pfft. It's not a THING, ok.

So I told him,

"Because it makes me happy. I feel like I'm doing something on my own, in my private time, and something that I can treasure"

"Oh OK"

..though I don't think he completely understands, he's been giving me my privacy whenever he sees me doing this, so that means a lot.

Husband was right, though. Quite obvious it's filled with Rayyan's stuff/activities.

So much for my own "private" thing T.T


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