his long eyelashes

Over the previous few weeks, Rayyan has significantly grown into a bigger, evolved version of what came out of my uterus.

It's hard to catch up, sometimes. One day I look at him and thought he looked like me, one day it's Shahrul's face that I see.

But lately most people would look at him and say,
"This boy is a total mommy's boy..he totallyy looks like you!"

Which I think sometimes annoys Shahrul to no end. Haha.

Most of the time, he remains indifferent about people's remarks - he usually would go meh and move on with life. At times, he just stays quiet and smile..or just goes on silent mode.

Quite hard to figure what he feels, but when he makes this serious face and silent, I think something has struck his nerve a bit.

So. There was this one time when I was breastfeeding - I noticed something. Feeding time with Rayyan is always fulfilling to me - literally for him (duh) and for me, because I usually spend those times scrutinizing his every being; face, hands, feet etc, when I'm not holding my phone.

That one time, I was paying full attention to his face as usual while he feeds - and noticed.

His long eyelashes.

Even longer than mine WTF.

And who did he inherit it from?

My husband.

Most people doesn't know that Shahrul's got very long set of eyelashes until they see them real close - it's freaky because they're very long; even longer than most women I know. It's one of the things he always gloats about with me; because apparently my normal-length eyelashes look so short compared to his. Genetically I have normal length of eyelashes and really depend on mascaras a lot, so imagine the difference between our lashes that when I see Rayyan's eyelashes I instantly know it comes from his dad.

So when he got home that day, I told him. And guess what he's been telling people since then?

I.e. this one time when his sister was in town, she met Rayyan for the first time.
"Just look at him"

"What, he totally looks like Zatil. Sorry daddy"

"No no no look at his eyes..he's got long eyelashes, just like me!"

I swear his sister just went oh, yeah and smiled just to comfort him haha.

But really, of all the things he inherits from him..it's his eyelashes.

I'm the only girl in the household now, and these two boys have longer eyelashes than I could ever have.

Falsies and mascaras, where art thou?

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  1. ah it's ok. rayyan's cuteness ikut zatil, tu yg plg penting.



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