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Nurita Harith for Modernmum

Saw this and fell in love.

My first ever maternity dress (not counting the hand downs from le sisters. Kak Una gave me a whole bag of hers and Kak Ni's, most of which I can't fit ahem #theskinnierone)

What's not to love? The nude color, the flare cut, the pleats front - though it'd be more to my advantage if I were a few inches taller. Received the package from FV yesterday and as expected, I need to alter a bit of the hem and sleeves because they're a bit long for my short arms.

Still, I think it fits perfectly. I wonder if they'd make it in XS.

Nurita Harith outdid herself again!

P/S : this has sold out at FV :O But still in stock at other Modernmum outlets, I think.


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