more Zara skirts

Got more skirts from Zara to accommodate my growing belly. I shall make a section in my wardrobe of just "Zara skirts" haha.

Tried on a pair, and fell in love. Just like the feeling I had when I made my first Zara skirt purchase - the skirt I've been wearing ever since. These are exceptionally comfy, not walking-restricted (hate those kind of skirts, but well, that's why you've GOT to try the skirt first to see the material! Hence why buying skirts online isn't smart) and comes in colors I'm comfortable wearing.

Bought it in dark blue (not navy) and greyish black.

Looks ankle-length, but on me, of course it ends on the floor T.T
But still accommodates my height nevertheless! Unlike other ankle-length skirts which are always, ALWAYS too long for me, these ends just right at my feet.

Prior to purchasing, the husband as usual would accompany me during the first few minutes of "do I look okay in this" and then off to somewhere with chairs, to browse his Kindle. I was a bit nervous to tell him that I bought two pairs of skirts at one go - afraid that he'd think it's too much.

So when he asked, I reluctantly told him the truth.
"Two pairs? Ooh buy"
I guess he can see my desperate-ness to find something that fits, haha.

In case you wanted to see how big belly is now.

I think my wardrobe might be overflowing with skirts soon. Not that I'm complaining!

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