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my first craving

Never thought I'd have one, cause I've always been skeptical whenever people say "it's bound to happen soon".

I didn't believe in wanting to eat something so bad, I heard that you'd have headaches, hyper tension or'd cry. (I read somewhere that it's because during pregnancy, your body lacks some vitamins and it's one way your body tells you to get that vitamin from a certain food, hence the strong cravings. I wonder what kind of vitamin I can get from nasi lemak, though)

Until last few weekends, on a Saturday morning. Probably the one day I'd (and the husband) remember until the end of the pregnancy lol.

I remember that morning, I asked the husband to buy some nasi lemak bungkus for breakfast. I figured he'd comply because it's been a few weekends that we've been buying nasi lemak for breakfast, only that this time I clearly told him I wanted the regular one without lauk, nicely wrapped in the brown paper. Or better yet, if it comes in the daun pisang like I always have back in Penang.

So after a while, he came home..with the words that made me want to kill him so bad.

"Sorry sayang, there's no nasi lemak today..they sold out. So I bought mee goreng for you"
My face changed. I knew this because I could see his face expression changed, too.

"What? There's no nasi lemak? You've checked at other stalls?"
"Yeah..sorry for not checking with you earlier. You're fine with mee goreng right?"
Then he went to the kitchen. I was still in WTF mode, trying to make sense of what he's told me.

Mee goreng. Omg it's not even my favorite.

Then the waves came..I really felt like I'm going to cry I don't know why. No, I know why -  it's just that I didn't want to accept the fact that I wanted to cry because I don't get to eat nasi lemak that morning.

Thinking it was the hormones, I tried to shrug it off and do something else to distract me from thinking about the nasi lemak I didn't get to eat for breakfast. Put the mee goreng in a plate for the husband, one for me, made the hot tea he likes for breakfast, arranged them nicely on the table.

Still..something wasn't right.

Then the husband came in. He took one look at my face, shocked, and said,
"Ok sayang I'll go out and look for that nasi lemak for you ok? Wait don't eat yet"
I think I was mumbling "no it's ok don't bother" but he was already out the door, probably thinking WTH is wrong with his wife. My face must've looked so horrible, to scare him off like that.

So he came home, again, with my nasi lemak.

And I was all smiley again!

"Sorry sayang it's the hormones, I swear"

Conclusion is, if you're not pregnant, you won't know how bad it is. This craving thing, it's real.


  1. Zatil, serious sengih anon baca.
    Especially sengih dekat part

    "I wonder what kind of vitamin I can get from nasi lemak, though"
    "Mee goreng. Omg it's not even my favorite." <----Ok ini mmg tak boleh blah hahahha. Macam kes serius betul ayatnya hahaha

    1. Haha it was serious at that time sebab pregnancy hormones T.T


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