Bali : Streets of Seminyak

Decided to spend last few days of our honeymoon trip discovering the streets of Seminyak..on the vespa.

I still recommend the vespa rent for your sight-seeing around the area (at least), best experience for me so far! 

So we went around Seminyak and its stores along the road.


Reached this street with stores selling hip accessories by Chanel, LV, Kate Spade, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Louboutins and even Ferragamo - only that the goods aren't authentic. The stores look so posh and exclusive (in Bali standard lah) that I really thought they're regular brand stores.

Huge glass windows decorated by bags, it's no wonder I headed straight to it at the first glance -___-"

Asked the salesgirl about a black quilted Chanel bag,
"How much is this one?"
"XX rupiah (I can't remember how much)..but we have triple A version of this one, much cheaper!"
And that's how I discovered the goods were not authentic. Which baffles me cause the Louboutins look so real!


Then the husband took me away from the place (in case I changed my mind about the fakes sigh) and brought me around the kampung and away from the streets - where we discovered a street name possibly dedicated to his nickname.

Jalan Petitenget isn't so bad - you'd find a lot of stores along the road with some famous villas located just a few inches from each other, and exotic spa and massage outlets. There are Japanese, Balinese and even western villas around so you can take your pick to suit your preference. There are a number of money changers (which looks dodgy but doable nonetheless), stalls selling fuel for your vespa tank, and in a few kilometres you'd find yourself at the beach.

Ooh, and there's a lot of pharmacies and convenience store too - the husband walked across the street to get me Panadols one morning because of a headache I had.

But one of the must-go place to head to if you're around - a restaurant called Biku. Will blog about it soon!

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