our Raya story

After getting married, one of the first things I asked le husband was where we're celebrating our Eid this Raya.

His reply?

"Of course at your kampung first..I have to be a gentleman and let you have your Raya for our first year together, don't I?"


So this year we spent our Raya in Penang!

Mum was ecstatic (he won major points this time around) although she did mention last year she didn't mind haha. Sister was relieved as it's also her turn for Raya this year, which means we get to be in Penang on the first Raya all at once; compared to previous years when there'd always be someone missing.

The catch?

The husband only have fewww annual leave left (AL spent a lot during the wedding and honeymoon) so he had to return to work..on the third of Raya, leaving us only until second Raya to be in Penang.

My AL is also limited (although I have more compared to him) so I decided to follow suit, and return to work on the fourth of Raya. After all, being left alone at home while your husband goes to work isn't really fun.

So, the Raya highlights :

  • First half of first Raya was spent at the mosque for solat sunat Raya with Mum, little brother, brother in laws and the husband; while my sisters were left at home with their kids. It was our first Raya being married, and he actually woke up earlier than me to have early breakfast with Mum, who's always up before everyone else. He won more points LOL.
  • Took him to my Dad's grave for the second time - the first time we went to visit was after the wedding. A remarkable event for me.
  • In terms of domestic skill development, the day before Raya my sister and I made ketupat daun palas - from scratch! My first time ever. Took the learning lesson from Google. Turned out awesome and husband-approved.
  • Second half of first Raya was spent visiting relatives' houses nearby. Got a bit weird when everyone started pointing fingers at him, asking "who's this fella" hahaha. He was a star!
  • One of my relatives told Mum "he's a keeper, this one" when she saw him cleaning up the table. I chose not to tell him, but this post defeats the purpose.
  • First half of second Raya was spent at home, receiving visitors. 
  • Headed to my Aunt's house on second half of second Raya in Kedah, ate and spent some time there before finally heading back to KL in the evening. Reached KL at 11 pm, traffic was unpredictable as usual.

Our baju raya (the husband's and mine) are from Pua Heritage which is based in Amcorp Mall, PJ. We chose pua motive for this year as I was getting tired of batik. Pay the store a visit, they have a lot of traditional batik and pua stuff you'll love!

Not bad for our first Raya together. Only this time, it was quite amusing as I've gotten pregnant and we get to have a lot of conversations like this;

"So dah berisi belum?"

And the person would be left dumb-founded, probably not expecting that positive answer haha.

All in all, it was a memorable first Raya for us.



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