neat freak

"Why are you so messy?"

I think being married to a guy who's a lot neater than I am is a good thing. I still do.

He's a champ at cleaning things, I observe. Now that I've been sick and not being able to take care around the house much, he does everything - from vacuuming the floor to laundry, he didn't ask for me to do it for him (as usual ahem), not once. Didn't even complain about it. Hence why I know he just enjoys keeping things neat and tidy, sort of like a fetish. 

(Alhamdulillah, thank you God for blessing me with a husband like this!)

Then, comes a time when he feels my pink furry doormat isn't up to his neat standard anymore.

I had these two pink furry doormats ever since I was living alone in Japan - back in my Hiroshima apartment, I needed something in the room to be pink just to cheer everything up. So those two doormats were. I liked them being there, albeit so furry and superficial instead of actually serving their duties to be just doormats, I find them so superficially essential.

My apartment back in Hiroshima, circa 2010. My fortress.

So back in Malaysia, living in Bangi, I had the same thing in my bachelor room. The same thing was brought to my marital home.

I loved them being in my first home I moved in with my newly wedded husband - only, that I didn't know he would eventually hate them.

"Sayang, I'm thinking of getting rid of those pink furry doormats.. Can we get a new one?"

I was dumbfounded. They have been with me since I was in Hiroshima!

"But why?"
"They don't actually get rid of dirt when we go inside the house..they actually cause more dirt in the house because of the furry thing. Dirt accumulates more. Can we get a normal doormat?"

So last weekend we went to nearby store and got a normal-looking, plain doormat made from plain cloth.

At least they're red in color (closest to striking color I could get, when he asked for my opinion on the colors). 

Never knew I would be this affected.

Where I found they were stacked at. In the store, among the empty boxes. Sob.

I miss these two pink furry doormats.


  1. awww. to get rid of something yg dah dipakai lama, yes, never easy. tp...same doormat guna for 4 years?? hahaha comel la zatil ni. doormat kot. anon selalu buang setahun sekali tau.



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