the Zara shoes.

Gahhh I miss blogging.

What I did these past few days? Finishing up work report and presentation slides, meeting with the CEO of the company (I have to say, the nicest CEO I've ever met; and I'm not even being biased here), going to meet up with our real estate agent, scouring around KL to see potential new home, getting borang nikah settled, etc.

All in all, I know I have to be thankful to have a really productive week, but I've gotta say - my highlight of the week is this.

Got myself a new pair of shoes.
Dropped by ZARA during one of the outings, and I saw this tag saying ZARA now carries a certain shoes in Asian size.

So I took this pair of shoes, tried them on, ensured that they fit and still couldn't believe my luck. I've been going in and out of the store frustrated for a few years now (it's a wonder how Japanese women can fit into ZARA shoes cause most of them have small feet) so seeing this tag changes my life.

Now, I can fit their shoes.

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  1. Zara shoes have been popular in women as well in men too. These shoes can bring more self-confidence in you as they are so stylish.



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