the right scarves.

Had a conversation with a colleague at the office today, when I was admiring her scarf.

She told me she got her scarf from a website in Malaysia, but at first I refused to believe - hers was the first of its own I've ever seen. It's a flower printed scarf and naturally, if you don't look too close you won't notice that she wore the scarf - pin less!

As a girl who needs 3 different pins every morning to keep her scarf in place, I thought the idea is brilliant.

"I got it from this know, they even patented the scarf design cause it's unique"

Now in my line of work, that's something.

Then I told her how I've been having trouble finding scarves that really suit me; the material is of utmost important to me than anything else; because the way I wear them really depends on the material. While I have long steered away from bawal scarves (the reason? I find ironing task redundant), a long chiffon shawl now is my most go-to scarves but it's so ironic that I can't find the ones I like that easily.

Chiffon fabric is officially the most complicated fabric in my dictionary nowadays.

"Just get a sewing machine, go to Jakel, buy a metre-long fabric and sew your own scarf! It's that simple!"

I've heard that one before, so it's a lie if I say I've never thought of it.

"Yeah I would..but I can't sew"

"Learn! If you do make scarves, guarantee people will buy - they buy not because of the products sometimes, they buy because they see the passion behind it and why you want to sell it"

Hahaha ok granted, she's just being nice to me. But if I were to sell and start a business, I'd have to learn how to choose fabrics first. And then how to sew. And then I'd have to hire an accountant.

It does sound tempting though. No more hassle buying scarves I can't wear!


  1. Atil, the moment i saw this scarf 2 years ago, ur image directly came into my mind. The hijab im talking bout is - Bokitta. Lawa and so hassle free - dont need to wear pins etc. But rupa exactly like wearing shawl! Not suitable for me though... but i bet u'll like it! U kan suka arabic kind of shawls..hehe. Its from lubnan. Go find :)

    1. Haha, that's the scarf brand I'm talking about in this post! XD

      Haven't tried it properly yet so taktaulah. But I like the fact that there's no pin involved haha.



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