my souvenir from Japan.

Last weekend he came back from his 3-week long business trip.

With these, as my omiyage.

Jagarico from Calbee brand was always my favorite snack back in uni (he always gets confused between the red and green one though -___-") so he'd bring these snacks back in bulk every time he flies there. Starbucks coffee sticks, well, just because Japan Starbucks always feels cheaper compared to Malaysia's I don't know why.

He told me that when his Japanese colleagues found out he brought these back for me as souvenirs, they were so shocked that he's not romantic - there were no flowers, teddy bears, cards or anything.

"But I think getting you these is the most romantic thing ever because I know how much you love them"

To be fair, I do think it's romantic. I'd rather get my favorite snacks than superficial flowers I know won't last and I'd end up throwing away anyway.

And now I have instant Starbucks coffee to boot!

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