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A lot of my colleagues didn't believe me when I said I'm not going home for CNY break.

"But why? I thought CNY celebration is big in Penang?" some friends would ask, totally oblivious at the fact that I'm on the other side of Penang which we call 'seberang' and also, as a matter of fact, my family regards CNY celebration as a regular public holiday, that's it.

Truth is, other than I only have 2 days off for CNY not including this weekend - I'm a disaster at driving.

And to think I have to drive almost 400 kilometers at the peak of this holiday at this time of the year? Insane.

Evidently, I have bad records when it comes to driving for a simple reason - I can't stand immobility on the road. I don't have the patience for one; to deal with other people's leisure drive and two; to spend too much time in the car when I know I can reach the destination faster. At first, driving back to Penang didn't seem like a bad idea to me as I could listen to my favorite CDs all the way home and even switch to radios and have my "alone" time in the car I used to love so much while speeding occasionally when I thought there's no cameras around - but after several trips and a handful of saman tickets, I realize just how dreadful it is for me every time it's holiday and Mum is asking me if I'm going home.

For the record, I have some AES tickets and PDRM tickets they have so generously mailed to my house and in Mum's safekeeping - some still remains unpaid. (And for some of it, I'd like to speak to whoever puts the speed limit at 80 km/h when it's a highway.)

You don't understand. I have very little patience on the road that the fiancé has to look over me whenever we drive in my car, and I think other than that one time he let me drive his car, there's going to be a long time before he lets me drive again. You see, he's a very, very careful driver (from all those times spent in Japan pfftt) where he's finding it hard to understand KL drivers ("why can't they follow the rules and NOT use emergency lane?") so the thought of me driving for our dates terrifies him.

OK he's not that terrified lah, just anxious, maybe.

Maybe this is God's plan, to put this very cautious, neat, responsible person to watch over me. And for that, I'm thankful. Opposite attracts for a reason! Not to mention my lovely colleagues who would wear seat belts even though they're sitting at the backseat every time they ride with me, because as they put it - "might as well wear it, maybe it'd make a difference"

Nowadays, I find myself listening to slow music while driving to be more relax and not speeding. No tickets yet, but it makes me sleepy so it's equally dangerous, no?

A girl can't win, can we.

But still, the next time I'm going back to Penang I'd rather call AirAsia and book a ticket.

That is, until I could transform into a patient driver. Baby steps, InsyaAllah!

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