At Fatt's reception. So many weddings in January that I needed to book his time to accompany me. Told him he looked like one of veteran Malay actors like P Ramlee and Eman Manan, he was not amused.

And as usual, the most popular question I got that night;

"So how's your wedding preparation?"

Straight face, huge smile, cheeks burning up and said;

"It's going fineee.."

When the truth is, I haven't decided on our sanding outfits yet since I have no time to go back to Penang and meet the wedding planner, I have to go see the invitation card designer and settle on the freaking envelopes, I have no idea what our reception theme is (which is apparently the most important thing you have to decide like a year before you get married and no one told me that), I have to decide on the theme for his side and we have to do all this before February since he's going outstation to Japan for 3 freaking weeks next month.

But I discovered that I know how to cook the fiancé's favorite food, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

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