type who reads.

To me, everyone should have a passion.

While I love flipping pages of magazines, it doesn't take a genius to see that I don't really have an eye for a designer; but I just love the nice pictures of my favorite things laid out in front of me. And the smell of new freshly printed pages with colors for me to flip over. And the big catchy titles of each articles or ads.

I'm always a fan of locals like CLEO, Female or Women's Weekly - but sometimes I allow myself to splurge a bit more than usual for Marie Claire because of some things that I find locals lack. Most CLEOs I read would focus on how to be career-driven female executive, or what to wear on your first night - but in this particular UK's Marie Claire December 2013 issue, they talk about (or rather, wrote about) how a woman in UK deals with her newly-discovered HIV positive disease, how Honduras being one of the most dangerous places on earth to be female, and how a small company in Japan became the first to allow its employees bring their babies and kids to work.

(of course there are more pages on makeup tips and nice tops, but let me prioritize here.)

While I don't really have the right hands to even muster up a good article worthy enough for a magazine, I love reading. I love soaking up new things that I'm not exposed to daily in my own bubble; like these topics in the magazine. I love reading about these challenges people all around the world would face but strangely in our comfort zone, it's hardly even heard. I love reading about the bigger issues covered in other foreign places than our own, and yet feels so close to heart.

It feels like I'm out of my comfort zone when I indulge myself in reading, and sometimes being out of my comfort zone feels good.

For him, football is always the one place he feels he belongs - at least he seems to be - so even if he wasn't the type who reads, when it comes to football, he'd read. So that's passion to me.

I'm yet to finish the Marie Claire (I'd have to go to work some time) but I don't mind taking the time to finish it. If you read, you'd know how big of a deal it is.

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