this parent issue..

Remember this?

Well, that was a sad day..but I just found out that Mum, now, also has her own Instagram account.

And she has now followed me and commented/liked some of my photos. As soon as I found out, I went to my Instagram profile and deleted the blog link (am lucky all my photos are parents-approved though)

Now this space and Twitter are the only places she hasn't invaded. I shall terminate my Facebook/Twitter/Blogger profile and go live in a cave if she ever found out, or resort to using other screen names instead of my real name, or just go hide somewhere she can never find me.

Seriously, how do you guys deal with this?!

And she's a full-time working mum, mind you. At the government's own Custom office, in fact. I'd hate to think what'd happen when she's finally retiring (which is in a few years)..maybe she'll even start to blog.


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