Raya 2013

Apart from entertaining baby niece, I don't think there's so much change when it comes to Raya these past few years.

It's my second Raya handing out duit Raya though; and am still finding a way to come to terms with it.

I'm always regarded as a "baby sister" among my siblings, even though I have a younger brother cause simply put - he likes to act like a big brother to all of us. Sometimes, though, he would sulk over something (stupid) and lock himself somewhere quiet but most of the time, he's the I'm-a-macho-big-brother-you-should-pay-attention-to-me kind of annoying brother.

So me giving out duit Raya was weird. But this year is better since no one sees me as young enough to be given duit Raya to! Sheesh.

One thing for sure, the only difference this year is there was only me and the brother this year to beraya with Mum on Raya morning - sisters were off to their inlaws' as it's their husbands' turn for this year. It was weird. Almost felt like it wasn't Raya without my big sisters.

Mum : So for you, you'll have to spend Raya at Terengganu lah ya? Must be strong k? Kak Ni (my eldest sister) dulu, she cried her eyes out even though Abang (my brother in-law)'s kampung is 20 minutes away. It's ok, I don't mind where you and your sisters will be spending your Raya since you girls will have husbands and in-laws so must obey your husband ok?
Me : *curled lips, tried not to cry, eyes were watery anyways*

Trying hard not to think about next Raya. Sob.


  1. So maksudnya before raya next year da boleh makan nasik minyak la ye, yeay!

    selamat hari raya auntie!

    from damia and family ♥♡

  2. wah!! kompem lah ni before raya next year dah kawen. Alhamdulillah semoga berjalan lancar seperti yg dirancang :)



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